Edgelord exits stage left, chased by a beard.
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Lord of the Edge

Edgelord. Evident extreme edgy epicness exudes embarassingly evilicious elegant excellence, eternally. Err… Ok I tried to do the V thing but I ran out of E-words and the results are of debatable coolness. Much like this webcomic. This is a story about fedoras, long coats and sharpened blades. The subject material we’re dealing with here is fundamentally based on an unholy blend of lame and badass. I’m sure you can all think of characters and stories which embody extremes in either direction. Or both of them. Whether you think swords are the coolest shit and like to pose with them in your backyard while wearing a choice piece of headgear, or just enjoy laughing at how stupid this garbage is, I hope we can appreciate this ode to the edgelord together. And if you’ve got any sweet ideas or feedback, drop them in a comment!                             -Takfloyd


the edge